In furtherance of QCC’s mission of facilitating trade in agricultural produce (especially cocoa beans) on the local and international markets through the provision of world class inspection services, various activities are carried out by the Field Operations Department to ensure that cocoa beans delivered to clients is;

Inspection & Certification of Warehouses

The department inspects and certifies storage facilities (for cocoa beans) of Licensed Buying Companies (LBCs) and Cocoa Marketing Company (CMC).

Inspection of Produce

Disinfestation Activities

Field Operations

The post-harvest activities of COCOBOD start with quality control measures of QCC. QCC is therefore reponsible for inspection grading and sealing of cocoa, coffee and sheanut for the local and the international markets. Quality Control Company Limited (QCC) is also responsible disinfestation of produce. Both functions are performed at the up-country and the take-over-centres(TOC). QCC’s up-country activities are made up of two main Sections:

Both functions are performed for prescribed fees.


The Company deals with Licensed Buying Companies (LBCs) and farmers in the cocoa, coffee and sheanut sectors as well as the general public.
Inspection And Certification Of Sheds and Warehouses
The Company is responsible for the inspection and certification of the storage facility of the LBCs. The LBCs are responsible for erecting or locating storage facility for the purchase and storage of cocoa and produce. However, it is the sole responsibility of QCC to inspect such facilities and issue a “Certificate of Registration of premises” for such premises, which are then designated as “Scheduled Grading Centres” No grading and sealing activity is conducted in any storage facility that has not been certified by QCC.

Inspection, Grading and Sealing Of Produce

Inspection, grading and sealing of produce are carried out at scheduled grading centres. Grading begins with “cut-testing analysis”.Any produce which is graded and sealed is covered by a certificate called “Certification of Inspection Produce”.Check-testing which involves selecting at random, some graded produce for examination by the supervisor to confirm the grade of sealed produce. Depending on the percentage of defective beans/nuts, the existing grade of the various products are: